MYTHEMATICA is audio breeding and cultivation lab of rock-crystal sounds, which brings to your ear another sublime, deep, fizzy sharp as far as chilly, sporadicaly dusty and transparent partly orange tales of tranquillity. From moss and fern it cames bringing freshly weaven and with love trued "oink" sounds, "pitipa" melodies and "tampatynk" rhythms.

This electromagnetic circus is guided by Daniel Špaček, mediumatik, psychozoic illustrator. By sudden shift of hue a composer of Mythematica album.

And icebergs are melting...

More iformation about lovely guests on Mythematica album
Matouš Godík

Sound magician, who is known also as Zka4t, with his detailed and precise touch helped to bring whole record on another level. Le Miracle d'amour cybenétique track is his remix of Mythematica.

Zdeněk Bína

Legendary travelling nomad of music with guitar. Singer and player of -123min music band. This guy cant be described by words, he must be heard.

Ondřej Špaček

Sociologic multicultural anthropologist, pianist, accordeonist and tap-tap-ta-tap dancer. Daniel's brother.

Linda Hammelová

Aka LinDee, slovakian diva with smooth and deep voice.


Swedish jazz singer, who dissapeared as fast as she appeared in Prague. Hello Nadja, if you read this, please send me your contact ;].

Milan Malík & Alisa Shutova

Milan, aka 000333, collegue from Mimo-TV, psychedelic artist and visualisator. Together with Alisa Shutova they painted huge inside booklet for Mythematica album. Many characters and environments, representing the trip with an album. The white mythematician, our family frend, appearing in the booklet was dressed by Barka Špačková.